How To create a new listing

What is a listing? – It is a web page for your business.

You can make a page for your business, so others can see what you offer and contact you!
Plus, it’s totally free and take only  few minutes.

1) In order to create a new listing, go to your dashboard.

2) Click the “Add Listing” Button:
Add New Listing

3) Click the “Next Step” button:

Next Step button

4) Fill in all the information you need people to know about your business:

Add listing page

Add listing page

5) After you have finished, click “Next Step”:

Next Step Button

6)  In the next screen click the “Confirm Order” button.
You should receive an email about your order.
And….. that’s it! Now your order has to be reviewed. We review all new page (listing) in order to keep STEELREQUEST away from spam and other irrelevant information.

Now you can now see the listing you just have added in the Dashboard screen :


7)Once your listing will be reviewed:
a) you will receive an email about it;
b) status “Pending” will be removed from the listing;
c) listing will be posted on STEELREQUEST.