Anhui Brc & Ma Steel Weldmesh Co. Ltd

1500 Caishihe Road, Ma"anshan,Anhui, 243002 China
1500 Cai Shi He Lu Maanshan Shi Anhui Sheng 243000 CN

Anhui Masteel Biya Xi welded mesh Ltd. was established in October 2003, jointly invested by Maanshan Iron and Steel Group and the Singapore BRC (Asia) Corporation, founded in 1993, Maanshan horse welded mesh Co., established in 1998 and BRC welded steel mesh (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. based on the formation. She combines Magang high-quality resources and BRC nearly a century of welded mesh application of technology as a whole, is China’s largest production of welded steel mesh and steel deep processing and distribution enterprises. The total investment is 120 million yuan, the registered capital of 60 million yuan RMB. The company headquarters is located in Quarry Rd 1500 Ma’anshan City Economic and Technological Development Zone, set up under the Shanghai Branch, Chengdu Branch, Shanghai Branch is located at 4188 Cao An Road, Shanghai, Chengdu Branch is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province Xindu District all industrial East Jinhe Industrial Park.
Company’s main products are: welded steel mesh, reinforcement steel, prefabricated reinforced components, steel truss and cold-rolled ribbed steel bars. Welded steel mesh to replace the traditional manual steel banding network of high-tech products, the Ministry of Housing construction focused on the promotion of ten new products, one of the new technologies. Use of welded steel mesh can save about 30% of steel consumption, steel shorten the construction period of about 70%, good construction quality, effective way to avoid the common problem of quality produce concrete members. Pile, pile cap, columns, beams, walls in steel construction engineering factory processing molding; pile highway, railway safety guardrail steel skeleton and construction fields, caps, columns, beams Precast reinforced component product but also because of good quality, fast construction, not accounting for the construction site like more and more applications. Steel truss both as concrete engineering force member, but also as a non-member force, mainly used: high-speed railway sleepers, prefabricated concrete housing industrialization and laminated panels laminated floor, steel buttresses, etc. ʱ?? Cold-rolled ribbed steel concrete slab as class members in the reinforced or prestressed reinforcement.

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